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Bag Tag/ID Card Tag

The first bag tag was created in 1882 by John Michael Lyons of Moncton, Canada. Over more than hundreds of years, Bag tags are still very well known and used today to utilize several functions such as the identification function, proof as a part of an organization, identification of ownership, and etc.

Having similar functions, ID Card tags are widely used by organizations for identification of individuals and / or an access key for a room. For many years an organization will keep existing, and thus we offer products that have good durability and recyclable.

Our PVC Bag / ID Card Tag has been used by many professional companies from hotels to large banks. The purpose of its use varies, from merchandise, identification of entities, and/or used to clarify the company’s own brand color identity to enhance team synergism within the company.

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 PCS/By Negotiation

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